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The Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support and promote the study of classical languages and civilization in the Pacific Northwest (see our new Mission Statement). Current members come from the US (Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, California, Colorado, and several other states), Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario). The Association holds an annual two-day meeting, usually in early April, and publishes a Bulletin twice a year (fall and spring).

Thank you all for coming to the 2015 CAPN meeting at Reed College! Next year's meeting (2016) will be held at Evergreen State College, in Olympia, Washington, on the weekend of March 19-20th. The 2017 meeting will be at Portland State University, in Portland, Oregon.

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Society for Classical Studies Awards:

The Society for Classical Studies (SCS) wants teachers of classics to be aware of the following awards that recognize outstanding teaching and scholarly outreach. Detailed instructions for submitting nominations here.

Ancient Greek Theatre Comes Alive: A Tour of Greek Spaces and Performances,

July 13-28, 2015. - Led by Dr. Bella Vivante, Classics Professor Emerita, and coordinated with HERC, Hellenic Educational and Research Center, this 2-week educational tour includes visits to ancient theatres, viewing performances, meeting with theatre professionals, and our own dramatic performative readings. For info and contact:;

Vergilian Society Study Tours 2015

Romans, Etruscans and Ancient Greeks: Exploring Antiquities from Tuscany to Campania - June 28-July 10

This tour of Rome, Tuscany and the Bay of Naples explores the archaeology, culture and ancient history of the Romans, Greeks and Etruscans. The program begins with three days in Rome including the Forum, Colosseum, Capitoline Museum, Ara Pacis, Pantheon, Baths of Caracalla and the Appian Way tombs and catacombs. We visit the Etruscan sites of Cerveteri and Tarquinia. We then journey to Campania, seeing the islands of Ischia and Capri. Ancient Roman culture comes to life as we visit Pompeii, Herculaneum and the villas at Oplontis and Stabiae. We see Greek, Lucanian and Roman remains at Paestum. We also visit Pozzuoli, Roman baths at Baiae, Lake Avernus, Capua, volcanoes at Solfatara and Vesuvius, Cumae and the Naples Archaeological Museum. Director: John Wonder. Price: $2,595

Tunisia: A Journey in a Magical Land - July 18-29

Our journey in search of Aeneas and Dido begins with a tour of Carthage and the Bardo Museum with its stunning Roman mosaics. A visit to Tunis would not be complete without a walk through the suq in the Medina, the old walled city. From Tunis we will journey around the country including Bulla Regia with its underground Roman houses. We will visit the Roman cities of Utique, Dougga, Thuburbo Majus and Sbeitla. At El Jem we visit the second largest amphitheater in the Roman world. At Sousse we will visit the archaeological museum. We experience life in modern Tunisia at Sfax, the second largest city in the country where we will tour the city and walk through the Medina, the old city. Upon our return to Tunis we will spend the afternoon on our own exploring the city as we prepare to leave this magical land. Directors: Phillip V. Stanley and George Perko. Price: $1,650

Caesar and Vergil in Italy: A Study Tour for Teachers - July 12-23

This study tour will illuminate the lives and works of Caesar and Vergil with a combination of stimulating pedagogy workshops and inspiring site visits. Morning sessions will include proven strategies and practices equipping teachers to develop successful Advanced Placement classrooms. The ideas and skills presented will enrich both beginning and advanced courses. Through informative and engaging lectures and readings from ancient writers, the site visits will offer creative insights into the common themes (e.g. leadership, religion, warfare, and Roman values) of our authors. Sites include: Rome (Forum, Palatine, Campus Martius), Temple of Apollo and Atrium of the Sibyl at Cumae, Lake Avernus, Tomb of Vergil, Sperlonga, Pompeii, Lavinium, and more. Directors: Amy Leonard and Steve Tuck. Price: $2595

Naples Bay As Melting Pot, Always At A Boil: Social Realities In Coastal Campania - July 23 – August 3

We shall focus on the social history of ancient Greeks, Romans, and others along Naples Bay. We explore the everyday, momentary facts of ancient life in the street, bathing in public and private, the morning salutatio in the houses of the rich, selling in the market, visiting the latrine, worship and sacrifice. The palatially housed and the homeless, the over-stuffed and the under-nourished, the free-born, the freedman, and the slave--all this host we shall visit amidst the natural beauty and man-made landscape that lie in the shadow of Vesuvius. Overnight accommodation will for the most part be in the Society’s own Villa Vergiliana at Cumae, except for our two-night stay on Capri. Directors: Ann O. Koloski-Ostrow and Steven E. Ostrow. Price: $2595 (all meals included, EXCEPT 2 lunches on Capri)

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CAPN lecture program

CAPN members are willing to come to schools within the CAPN region to speak on various topics. If you are interested in inviting a lecturer please contact him/her directly. A posting on this list implies that the speaker is willing to lecture to a CAPN area school without expectation of honorarium. It is expected that the host institution will cover the travel and hospitality expenses of the speaker. Some money is available from the CAPN general fund to defray some of these expenses. Please contact Andrew Goldman for this information.

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